The Program for the Development of Next-generation Leading Scientists with Global Insight (L-INSIGHT) aims to develop, validate, and spread programs to train the next-generation of world-class researchers with global insight who can spearhead new paths to the future.

  • Our Aims

    By 2030, researchers of the L-INSIGHT will:
    Play leading international roles in cutting-edge research
    Engage in frontier research and new disciplines
    Bring about innovation in industries
  • Acquire Global Insight
  • 7 Policies

Symbol Mark

The L-INSIGHT logo expresses the possibilities and the future that lies ahead through the wide application of various insights toward the world. The circles symbolize researchers taking wing into the world as well as the explosive expansion of their insights.

Leading Institute

  • Kyoto University


Educational institutes


Overseas Collaborative Institutes

  • The University of Melbourne (Faculty of Science)
  • In Progress