Seven policies

L-INSIGHT Policies

L-INSIGHT aims to develop, validate, and spread programs to train next-generation leading scientists with Global Insight who can spearhead new paths to the future.

We will look for motivated and talented ECRs (L-INSIGHT Fellows) who aspire to become internationally competitive principal investigators (PIs). We welcome such individuals who take pride in their role as next-generation scientists and produce research achievements that demonstrate exceptional creativity and advanced expertise.

  • 1
    Interplay between core fundamentals and practical applications

    The L-INSIGHT program will be designed to enable mutual interplay between core fundamentals and practical applications during the Core and Practical Stages in order to support the acquisition and enhancement of Global Insight by L-INSIGHT Fellows.

    Even after Fellows advance from the Core Program stage to the Practical Program stage, the program will retain a degree of flexibility that allows additional training for those who wish to reinforce their understanding of the competencies.

  • 2
    Semi-customized program approach

    L-INSIGHT does not require Fellows to undergo all of the training programs.

    Instead, we adopt a semi-customized program approach in which each Fellow will strategically select components from the suite of available programs based on his/her individual targets for Global Insight competencies and self-evaluations.

  • 3
    Evaluations facilitated by mentors’ support

    Each L-INSIGHT Fellow will be assigned a Kyoto University Professor Emeritus/Emerita with close expertise as a Mentor.

    Each Mentor will support the assigned Fellow in the self-assessment of his/her goal attainment with consideration to the required skill set and mindset.

  • 4
    Co-creation of the program through dialogue

    L-INSIGHT will be developed and improved by incorporating the Fellows perspectives and advice from internal and external experts.

    For example, the establishment of the Global Insight competencies will actively incorporate the opinions of the ECRs and experts from Kyoto University and beyond. In this way, the programs will be co-created through dialogue.

  • 5
    Flexible cooperation with international institutes

    L-INSIGHT is working in collaboration with Kyoto University’s overseas centers*1 and overseas partner institutes to provide Fellows opportunities to interact with other ECRs and distinguished researchers based in other countries.

    This will facilitate the initiation of joint research and provide opportunities for Fellows to gain experience as international conference conveners.

    *1 North America (Washington DC, US), Europe (Heidelberg, Germany), and ASEAN (Bangkok, Thailand)

  • 6
    Application of industry’s practical capabilities

    L-INSIGHT places a strong emphasis on directly incorporating advice from industrial perspectives.

    The program will provide numerous opportunities for planning joint research between Fellows and corporate researchers, thereby building and expanding a network that connects ECRs in industry and academia.

  • 7
    Financial support that encourages active participation

    L-INSIGHT will support participation in the program and the reporting of research achievements attained through the program.