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Joint Meeting Series “Challenge for Serendipity”

Kyoto University /
Okinawa Institute of Science And Technology
Graduate University (OIST)

Joint Program I (FY2020)
Joint Meeting Series “Challenge for Serendipity”

L-INSIGHT is a hub at Kyoto University comprised of select rese archers under the age of forty. It was established with a grant from the Japanese government. Through opportunities for collaboration with partners in industry and other countries, we are working to ensure that early career researchers will be able to freely and sustainably const ruct their own research communities in 2030.
This academic year was the first in which L-INSIGHT was fully up and running. We decided to launch, along with our friends at OIST, a series of events that would cultivate grassroots connections between individual researchers.
Despite the continuing worldwide coronavirus pandemic, we would like to concretely discuss potential topics for research with people in other cultures and fields, taking the first step towards the crea tion of on-going relationships. Furthermo re, while ac tual travel r emains difficult, we hope that this event’ s conversations, potential joint projects, and unexpected encounters will serve as a springboard from which to incorporat e new ways of handling unpredictability into future research activities.

Kyoto University XR Space (A virtual space recently developed a t Kyoto University by MPUF)

Date and Time:
Part I | “Standing” meeting to get to know each other
16 March 2021
Start: 16:00- Length: approx. 45 min.
Part II | Separate pair/group meetings
Variable, Length: 30 min. to 60 min.
May be scheduled by researchers or held immediately after Part I ,

Part I | 5 researchers from both Kyoto University and OIST (no audience)
Part II | People with an interest in the above researchers’ discussions (for example, their
collaborating researchers)

Kyoto University Center for Enhancing Next-Generation Research ,Okinawa Institute of Science
And Technology Graduate University (OIST)

United Japanese Researchers Around the World (UJA), Microsoft Project Users Forum (MPUF)




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